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Best fried chicken I've had in my life at Maverick

I've probably had it a dozen times.

I've had excellent fried chicken at many places in SF, but Maverick consistently serves the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life.

Have a challenger? Suggestions welcome. But it should be said that your case won't be as strong unless you've actually had the chicken at Maverick. 


Chioggia beets and farro salad


Remember those beet greens I mentioned awhile back? Well, the beet roots did not go to waste. I used these awesome looking chioggia beets in one of my favorite improv recipes of late: farro salad.

Farro is a grain. It kind of looks like barley, but I like the flavor and texture a lot more. It is also super easy to cook. Rinse it well (really well), then boil it in lots of water. When it's soft (~20 min), drain the water. Done.

I like to cook up some kind of vegetable (this time I roasted the beets--peel them, dice them small, toss with olive oil and salt, then pop em in the oven at 450, stirring occasionally until tender) then toss it in with a cup or so of farro and diced cucumber. Add olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and lots of your favorite herb. This time I used mint (mint and beets go awesome together), but dill is another of my favorites. Scallions are a nice addition as well.

Everyone loves farro salad (even 19-yr old tech geeks), and it keeps well in the fridge and transports easily. Give it a try and tell me what you think.


Hodo Soy tofu at Samovar Tea Lounge

I don't talk about tofu much, because it's usually unremarkable. One exception, however, is the amazing tofu produced by local beanery Hodo Soy. I first discovered Hodo at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and was an instant convert. Both the flavor and texture of their tofus are superb, making it something I actually look forward to eating.

This is why I was super psyched when I learned Samovar Tea Lounge starting using Hodo for their tofu dishes. The picture above is one of my favorites, tea soup (you can also get it with salmon or duck). Give it a try if you're ever in the hood.


SF Superfoods: Basil - now online

I mentioned last week that I'd let you know when my basil column was published online. It's here!

Link: SF Superfoods: Basil


Love For Whole Foods

I realize some of you will be annoyed to hear this, but Whole Foods is pretty much the worst place I shop for groceries here in SF.

Obviously my first choice is the farmers market, and my second choice is this amazing little store in the Mission (18th/Guerrero) called BiRite Market. BiRite is exceptional because it only carries local produce, the exact same stuff I buy at the farmers market. It's a little more pricey--as you might expect from a brick and mortar store--but I can get exactly what I want any day of the week (spoiled, I know). They also have an unbelievably good deli counter and other amazing, top notch products and ingredients. I <3 BiRite.

But I still shop at Whole Foods sometimes. It isn't bad, and they have a wider selection and lower prices than BiRite. I dropped by there yesterday since I was too sick to make my usual farmers market run and had nothing around for dinner (going to a restaurant is out of the question in my state). The goal was to get some pre-made stuff for dinner and pick up a few groceries to have for the week.

A couple of things really impressed me while I was there. First, the options at the deli and in the cold cases are awesome. They tend to be both healthy and tasty, and can satisfy your craving for just about anything. I had Mexican food, the BF had Italian. I think Whole Foods and healthy grocery stores in general are a great resource when you don't have time to cook but don't want to eat total crap for dinner. I definitely recommend keeping it in mind as an alternative to fast food.

The other thing that really shocked me was that in their produce section I found local produce from my favorite fruit farm here in the Bay Area, Frog Hollow Farm. I wish words could describe how good the fruit is at Frog Hollow. Let's just say I'm always willing to pay more than I would for other fruit, because it is just so damn good.

And there it was, chillin' at Whole Foods. And only a few cents more than at the farmers market.

Whole Foods had 3 different Frog Hollow stone fruits: peaches, pluots and nectarines. We took home a few peaches and pluots. I tried a peach this morning and it was the exact same awesome I've come to expect from Frog Hollow. Win!

Bravo Whole Foods, I'm impressed.


Eating is tough when you’re sick, but I managed to throw together this caprese salad with stuff I had in the house.