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Finally SF gets some decent Chinese take out

Last night I finally got to try the popular new Mission Chinese Food. The BF and I are both sick, so something tasty that didn’t require doing any work or leaving the house was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I was impressed with MCF for a few reasons. Most important, the ingredients were fresh and the dishes well-prepared. I’ve never been a huge fan of Chinese food because it is so often cheap and low-quality. I’ve enjoyed it in Hong Kong and at a few nicer places in SF, but I generally avoid it in favor of something better. MCF is an entirely different experience, for which I am very grateful.

The dishes at MCF are unique and the menu changes regularly. While I doubt they will be winning any awards for authenticity, the food at MCF actually feels like there is a chef behind it who is creative and cares about quality seasonal ingredients. SF diners have come to expect these attributes in our dining establishments, so it is wonderful to have a restaurant that can integrate an old, traditional culinary style with modern culinary innovation. 

Oh, and there’s lots of bacon.

MCF is definitely worth trying if you’re local (not sure it would be high on my list for visitors—we have lots of great food here). But no matter where you live you should check out their menu and awesome website. 


(Pssst, there’s ninjas)

What we ate:

  • Tingly lamb noodle soup
  • Salt cod fried rice
  • Taiwanese eggplant (with bacon)

Sick Day

I’m more sick this week than I’ve been in years—I have an ugly sounding cough and sore throat. Interestingly, this is also the longest I’ve gone without taking a multivitamin and vitamin D (3-4 weeks) in many years. This was not intentional, I’ve just been away from my supply. I wonder if there is any connection?

Honestly I never thought the vitamins were doing much, but now I’m curious.


Ever tried eating beet greens? They’re so good the BF was scraping every last leaf from the pan. I cooked them just like in my chard recipe, only didn’t have mint so added garlic instead.


The “fish tacos” at Domo Sushi are incredible.


Bought this fresh tea bouquet today from Green Gulch Farm. It has black mint, spearmint, lemon verbena and anise hyssop. It is AMAZING. 


The not-so-underground Underground Farmers Market.