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I'm Darya Rose (formerly Darya Pino) and this is my personal blog. I'm a neuroscience PhD, San Francisco foodist, food and health writer, and proud geek girl. This is where you can find my latest obsessions, adventures and ramblings.

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Toaster eats artichoke like a human

This was cracking us up. Our little foodie puppy @toasterpup tried his first artichoke tonight, and instinctively knew to scrape it with his teeth.



Day 10 with Toaster: The TP episode

We've had our little man Toaster for a little over a week now, and he seems right at home. Here's a little episode from this morning while I was having breakfast.

P.S. If you're thinking about getting a puppy, I strongly recommend having a good vacuum.


We're puppy serious. Toaster is finally here!

What could be more serious than a puppy? Here's a little video of Toaster's first night home. Serious as can be.

I don't want to be too presumptuous, but I think he likes us. What do you think?

Follow our escapades on Twitter @toasterpup.


Toaster at 4 weeks

My name is Toaster, but I'm not a cylon.

Here's a pic of our soon-to-be new labradoodle. He's 4 weeks old and his name is Toaster (inspired by Battlestar Galactica). He'll be arriving at our home in a couple weeks.

You can follow updates at his new Twitter account @ToasterPup. Yes, he got over 400 followers in 24 hrs. What can I say, he's adorable.